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Seller Subjectivity

Tues., TBD

1:00 PM GMT | 8:00 AM EST

Often sellers rely on gut feel to assess the probability to close a deal. Often, they are wrong. A data science approach to deal health can improve forecasting accuracy.

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Bloated Pipelines

Tues., Oct. 3

1:00 PM GMT | 8:00 AM EST

From no-decision deals to stalled deals, learn how can we get rid of these zombie deals! And have sellers focus on winnable deals.

30-min chat

Big Deals Slipping

Tues., OCt. 17

1:00 PM GMT | 8:00 AM EST

Sellers often get the wrong signals from the wrong buyers. Learn why Deal Legitimacy and Deal Position (not Sales Stage) provide more accurate forecasting.

30-min chat

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